4-7 September, 2019

27th International Food Products & Processing Technologies Exhibition

Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center
Istanbul, Turkey


30 July 2017


For how long has your company been active in Turkish market?

Sunar Group presents its wide product range with almost half a century of experience in Turkey and many other countries with the Sunar brand. The group companies which started production and sales activities for Turkish market in 1970’s have started exportation in 2009. As of today, we export to more than 100 countries in 5 continents.

Have you promoted any new products this year?

Sunar continues to support the covering of Turkey’s current deficit and economic growth by actualizing many “firsts”. Production of Sortibol, which is a completely imported product, was started for the first and only time in Turkey at Sunar Integrated Corn Oil Plant in 2013. At the start of 2015, Sunar once again actualized a first by establishing a plant for local production of Maltitol that is, again, completely imported. While the Sunsorb Sorbitol cyrup is produced for usage in food, medicine and cosmetics sectors, the Sunar Maltitaste Maltilol cyrup is used in many products such as chocolate, ice cream, diet products, cake, biscuits, sugar, chewing gum, halva, jam, spreadable chocolate, wafer and baked goods. This way, Sunar supports the increase of Turkish companies’ competition advantage by decreasing importation with the usage of local resources.

What do you think about Turkish market in relation to your sector?

In our sector, raw material can be provided through local resources or procured from abroad in line with the need. The natural disasters, crises, economic situations and exchange differences in the world are among the factors determining our sector’s level of economy. In foreign purchases, a currency outflow is actualized. E.g. if dollar rises, the great deal of currency coming from you can create losses. On the other hand, the currency inflow you obtained by exportation provide a significant contribution to your profit/loss balance. In this regard, we export almost half of the products that we produce. We export to many countries, primarily our nearby geography, while observing the crises in certain regions of the world. Instead of placing all the eggs in a single basket, we prefer to distribute the risk. Another advantage this brings to our sector is that instead of upsetting each other, we go head-to-toe with our local colleagues and this enables us to sell our products in untouched markets throughout the world in a more profitable manner.

What do you aim to achieve by attending WorldFood Istanbul?

As Sunar Group, WorldFood Istanbul is a successful exhibition with a high sales volume; we attend the exhibition every year and it gathers us with visitors from target and potential countries which benefits us in terms of exportation. WorldFood Istanbul is also an exhibition visited by our foreign dealers and at which we host them as Sunar Group. Our expectation from WorldFood Istanbul 2017 is to develop business connections in relation to new markets and strengthen the dealer relations in our current markets.