4-7 September, 2019

27th International Food Products & Processing Technologies Exhibition

Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center
Istanbul, Turkey


01 August 2017


For how long has your company been active in Turkish market?

Panda, Turkey’s first industrially-packaged ice cream founded in 1984 with 100% national capitol, began its marketing activities with the first sale made in 1985. The jingle of “Here’s delicious ice cream, for children and for grown-ups…” which was used in the first advertisement and is still sung along by all of us has become an essence for the brand.

Together with packaged ice cream, Panda has also popularized the ice cream sold at patisseries until the mid-1980’s. The appeal for all ages, tastes and hygienic packaging of Panda ice cream has made it popular among ice cream lovers in no time.

Have you promoted any new products this year?

Ice cream market is a market that develops with innovation; therefore, every year, we present our customers with new ice cream tastes. When determining these new products, we take global and local trends into consideration. This year, once again, we have conducted new product works in many different categories and receive positive feedback from our consumers. Also, ever since our foundation, we have continued our marketing & communication activities; this year, we promoted many of our products on TV, radio and social media.

What do you think about Turkish market in relation to your sector?

When the ice cream consumption per capita was below half a liter in the beginning of 1990, it is now calculated as 5 lt. The averages are 12-15 lt in Europe and 20-25 lt in America and Canada. Even the Scandinavian countries consume an average of 15-17 lt. in spite of the extremely cold weather. Together with the ongoing R & D and marketing activities and the changing consumer perception, it is safe to say that the Turkish ice cream market will continue to grow annually in double digits.

What do you aim to achieve by attending WorldFood Istanbul?

We have conducted many investments and studies to carry our brand perception above and maintain stability in the ever-growing and increasing foreign ice cream market. Including above-the-line activities, we have actualized many marketing activities exclusive for our consumers in the foreign ice cream market and continue to do so. In addition to TV ads, digital media and BTL activities in the market, attending a world renowned and respective exhibition such as WorldFood will be an opportunity for us to promote our brand to new markets.