5-8 Eylül, 2018

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11 Haziran 2018

Turkish food & drink industry roundup: June 2018


Turkish food & drink sector news roundup

Ramadan to prompt spike in Turkish confectionery consumption
Ramadan is underway across the world, and for observant Turkish Muslims abstaining from eating and drinking during the day is the current order of the day.
Once this solemn period of contemplation and sacrifice is over, however, then it is time for Eid. This is a chance to go nuts after the month-long time of fasting, and indulge in some favourite foods. Confectionery is just one of these.
Turks are now expected to eat between 25-50% of all candies and sweets consumed annually during the post-Ramadan festivities.
Total consumption is expected to come in at around 4.6kg per person – and the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 14.3% between 2016 and 2021.
Turkish pasta production continues expanding
Continually rising domestic and foreign demand for Turkish-manufactured pasta is fuelling growth in national production volumes. That’s the latest news from industry news portal FoodTurkey.com.
Since past was first introduced to the country in the twenties, domestic output has expanded 26 times, reaching a peak of 2 million tons in 2016. 
Semolina and macaroni remain the most popular varieties made by Turkish producers. Their factories are predominantly located in Southeastern, Central and Western Anatolia, which are the major durum wheat producing regions of Turkey.
Singapore’s GIC buys into Turkish discount supermarket chain
Singapore’s GIC has bought a minority stake in Turkish discount grocer Șok Marketler for $517 million.
Șok Marketler itself operates 5,100 small-format stores across Turkey as part of Turkish retail giants Yildiz Holdings.
“The strong level of interest from investors in our initial public offering is a clear proof of confidence in our country, our industry and our Company,” said Şok chief executive Uğur Demirel. “We are very proud of completing one of Turkey’s largest initial public offerings and look forward to maintaining our successful performance in the years to come.” 
Strong grocery sales in Turkey mean buying into national supermarket chains is becoming increasingly attractive for foreign investment. Over $140 billion is spent on food each year in Turkey – so it’s little wonder to see investors like GIC expand their portfolio nationwide.