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08 May 2018

Interview: How WorldFood Istanbul provides a platform for Peruvian produce in Turkey

Since it switched from becoming a net food exporter to a multi-billion-dollar importer, Turkey’s tastes have gone global. Peru is one such foreign supplier now seeking to get its goods onto the Turkish food and drink market – and international food exhibition WorldFood Istanbul helps it do just that.

How international food & drink exhibitions facilitate trade: an insider’s view

We spoke to Fernando Albareda, Director of the Peru Trade Office in Istanbul and organiser of Peru’s National Pavilion at WorldFood Istanbul, for his insights into how the show connects his clients with Turkish partners. 
He also mentions some popular Peruvian, trends in Turkish consumption habits, and advice for new companies looking to enter the Turkish food and drink trade.
Read on to see what Mr Albareda had to say.
How long have you and your organisation been doing business in Turkey? 
Fernando Albareda (FA): The Peru Trade Office started operations in Turkey 4 years ago. We work at the Office of the Pacific Alliance in Istanbul, together with the trade representatives of Chile, Colombia and Mexico. 
What are your experiences of WorldFood Istanbul? Would you recommend the show to others? What would you improve if you could? 
FA: We have been participating in WorldFood Istanbul since the Peru Trade Office started our functions here. This year will be the fourth year, and we have seen good results for the Peruvian companies that have attended the exhibition. 
We recommend the exhibition to other companies because most of the important importers and distributors as well as supermarket and store chains visit the show in order to contact new suppliers and to see new products for the market. 
I think the B2B meetings with supermarkets and other retailers from the region, not just Turkey, are useful for the companies that exhibit there.
What it is about Turkey as a market that makes it appealing for your clients? 
FA: Turkey represents an interesting market for Peruvian food products, ingredients for the food industry, and for some raw materials we export. 
Most of the international trends in the food industry are also in place in Turkey. More people are aware about what they eat and are trying to eat more healthy and nutritious products, such as organic and functional foods that contains vitamins, proteins and other nutritious benefits.
Peru is a well-known supplier of these kind of products that we call super foods because of their nutritious properties and we have seen a good response in the Turkish market for these products. 
How do your clients find doing business there? 
FA: It's mostly a new market for Peruvian companies, which are more used to the American, European markets, but more entrepreneurs are coming to Turkey to see business opportunities here. 
What is the demand for Peruvian produce like in Turkey? What are the most popular products? 
FA: We are already exporting some fresh fruits and vegetables such as avocados, grapes, asparagus, blue berries, and mangoes. Also, Andean grains such as quinoa, chia and amaranth are getting more popular in Turkey - especially quinoa, which has been has been introduced in Turkish restaurants, and sold in supermarkets and natural stores. 
Another product that is being sold in the market is maca, due to its functional benefits.
What advice would you give to a company that wants to start doing business in Turkey?
FA: First, get some facts about the country and the market. Also, contact their country trade representative in order to see if their product/s present business opportunities. Try to travel and participate in exhibitions as exhibitors or visitors in order to see what products are being offered to the market - and do your research before you travel.

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